Featured Artist

Margee Bright Ragland is a painter and teacher from Auburn, AL, who works in many media exploring personal narratives that evolve as she makes the work. Margee shares with her students the discoveries she has made as a visual artist and learns from her students’ creative explorations, as they improve their skills and discover their own vision as artists. Margee exhibits her work throughout the United States and Europe. As a member of the Mystic Order of East Alabama Fiction Writers, she has illustrated and written for two books, Be the Flame (Not the Moth) and The Ploy of Cooking. Her latest book is Bright Illuminations/ The Art of Margee Bright Ragland and the Words of Others. 

(Above, detail of "Jester" by Margee Bright Ragland)

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In Our Gallery

Currently in our gallery, you will find pottery, painting, hand-crafted jewelry, assemblage, collage, and more by local and regionally-based artists. Check back soon for bios on artists exhibiting in our gallery and photos of their work!

(Above, detail of artwork by Catie Radney)

Local art scene

Everything’s Art! is a group of artists and patrons who join together to bring art to the community of Dadeville, AL. Recognizing that community life is enriched through the arts, the organization is committed to the art community by connecting artists to one another and art to the public at large. Everything's Art! pledges to provide exhibition and educational opportunities that encourage artist excellence while celebrating diversity, innovation, and freedom of expression. Stay tuned for classes and workshops to be offered at Raining Dogs Studio and Gallery.

(Above, pottery by Linda Hayes)

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